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IMR’s Customer Service Strategy

IMR’s Footprint in Customer Service
Studies have show that organisations who can describe a common purpose to all its staff are successful. The story of the janitor at NASA, who when asked what he was doing, stated he was helping get a man on the moon is case in point. In the IMR team we try to make sure that everyone, no matter what role they perform, is aware that their purpose is to provide an exemplary service to our clients’ customers.

Empowered Decision Makers
We put full trust in our case handlers to make creative decisions and tailored solutions for our customers. Our handlers represent both us and the brands of our partners. Trust in our people is a key element in a successful service.

Continuous Staff Development
Our people remain at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing the best customer service and our staff are vital to that. We are constantly investing in their professional development.

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